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Reduce the Remote Clutter with Peel Remote App

Reduce the Remote Clutter with Peel Remote App

Home technology is continuously advancing and with that, the number of smart devices is increasing too. As much it these remote-controlled devices aim to bring convenience to our lives, having to manage multiple remotes somewhere does the opposite. Moreover, they end up creating a clutter on the table which can make your room little far from organised.

Universal remote controls, when introduced a few years ago, proved to be a good respite against the challenge of having to manage so many remotes at once. However, the relief was shorter than expected. Although these plastic traditional remotes have all the functions that most of the remotes combinedly have, handling them is more difficult than understood initially.

They’re complex to operate and fail to address the many problems. For example, they can also go hidden behind cushions. Besides, as they have to control so many devices, their battery life is sure to be shorter than that of a regular remote. And one of the major disadvantages with them is their cost.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer is remote control apps. These apps typically use IR or Wi-fi capabilities of your phone and turn it into a universal remote to control a range of devices and appliances. They have all the functions of a basic remote. It’s only that they are easier and rather fun to operate. Instead of thumbpad presses, apps only require gentle swipes and taps on the phone screen.

Another reason that makes these apps an effective solution is that everyone uses a mobile phone everyday. Whether to check emails, read news, use social media or click a photo, mobile phones have numerous uses in daily life. Therefore, losing the remote or battery replacement isn’t a concern.

Peel: a single remote solution

Peel IR remote is the most popular remote app today. It comes with a user-friendly interface and is optimised for an extraordinary experience for tablets.

Below are the key advantages of Peel which make it the perfect choice for smart home digitisation.

Using your Android phone as universal remote

A widely used remote control app in the TV segment, Peel can be integrated with almost any device or appliance at your home as long as it has IR or Wi-fi capabilities. It is compatible with over 150 brands of home electronics and can work with more than 4,00, 000 devices including TV, set-top box, home theatre, AC, camera, lighting, locks etc.

Keeping it organised with rooms

Through a feature called rooms, Peel offers an organised system to categorise and manage devices. In each room, you can add as many devices as you need and control them in a centralised manner. For example, you can create a room for AC, TV and lighting for your bedroom. Similarly, you can create another room for another set of appliances in the living area. You can also name or rename a room as you like.

Grouping controls for different devices

Peel takes home automation to a new level by grouping controls for various devices. This allows you to operate different devices integrated with the app simultaneously. Imagine you’re planning to watch your favourite movie with all an optimised ambience. This includes dimming lights, adjusting AC temperature, changing TV volume, stream Netflix or YouTube, lock the main door etc. Typically, you would have to literally play with multiple remotes to run these controls before you could sit relaxed and watch the movie. But with Peel, life just gets easier.

You can group controls for all these appliances for such an ambience and keep a single control ready for instances such as mentioned above. Now all you have to do is tap one button and all the functions are performed.


Although they’re still in initial stages of adoption among people, Peel remote control apps have started to gain popularity. As it continues to introduce new features, what looks certain is that it is going to redefine controlling home devices, with TV being on top of the list.

If you aren’t already using the app, you may want to give it a try and understand how not only it replaces all your remotes but also makes controlling various appliances all the easier.

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